Tap once to view statistics for a region. Tap the region a second time to drill down.

Members Voting age pop.
Reg. 1,104,261
Unreg. 223,431
Total 1,327,692 257,091,149
Members Voting age pop.


Reg. Index
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REALTOR® Member Voter Registration

This report displays voter registration across a number of different geographies. It is based on TargetSmart's current national voter database, which is maintained from state & government sources.

Use the tab bar to select a type of map. After loading, a national view will be shown. Clicking on a state will drill down to the next level of regional granularity, e.g., counties.

Registrations statistics are displayed in a table that floats above the map. Hover your mouse cursor over a region to view the associated statistics. The statistics table can be resized or dragged.

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Registration Percentage